24 May

Dear Y-

We all do the politics/ethics thing quite badly. Our culture is schizophrenic. And too complicated. The good ideas that will save the world are organized into armies. Armies dominated by obtuse boneheads (like all armies). Thus the good ideas unite with a million bad ideas that share a worldview and fight.

One of the good ideas advocated by the Left over the 20th century is the notion that human diversity is desirable and that people should not be impaired by socio-biological characteristics: race, sex, sexuality(?) etc. This has been pushed to a radical edge and manifests in the more ridiculous aspects of identity politics (eg the English teacher who refused to let her class attend Romeo And Juliet because of its heterosexism.). The Right have their own bad ideas of course but I’d only need to write of them if you were a conservative. You aren’t. But if you agree with the points above then obviously people of different worldview are not to be castigated or demonized.

They simply just think differently and about different things. Progressive policy is often disastrous because the Left simply refuse to think economically. The Right’s error is in that accepting the injustices of society as natural. They persist in doing that but accept change once proved final and beneficial.

Margaret Thatcher once said the Left open doors, the Right walks thru them. She personified this. During the 1970s what is known as the feminism’s second wave raged thru the modern world. The ‘patriarchal right’ would have scoffed at the idea of a woman wielding power. They would say that she could not lead a political party, could not enforce caucus discipline, could not inspire fear in her enemies and allies alike, could not make the hard decisions, could not lead a country in times of war. These are not the Left’s ideas of good politics but they are the very basis of politics and you cannot transcend them by ignoring the truth of them. The old sexist farts would say all that stuff about women. And the feminists in the streets and lecture halls only talked of that stuff as a vestige of the ‘patriarchy’. They weren’t much interested in economic reform or geopolitical strategy. But they had their impact in the 70s, enough to put the heebees into the misogynist crew.

In 1979 Margaret Thatcher was elected Prime Minister and spent the next ten years putting paid to every single objection that patriarchy threw at a female head-of-state. Her policies, of course, were repulsive to the Left, but she did every single thing the forces of reaction said a woman could never do. And she did it in a way that earned the eminent respect of the Establishment. The Left opened a door but the Right walked thru it and because it was the Right that walked thru it. It changed things – permanently.

There’s a Ying/Yang movement here. It’s not some Mungabean Aquarian Group Hug scenario. There are some very nasty people on the Right and the Establishmentarian Rule of the Toffy Gits is like small pox, to be eliminated sometime. However, there are also some very nasty people on the Left and when they take power, millions die. The human race has a tendency to split along some kind of Backward/Forward line. There will be animosity. But it has been, should be and can be a lot more constructive then it is.

Thing is, this is all a religious war. Literally. The modern Left/Right fandango is the direct descendant of centuries of dichotomous bollocks. It goes back in a twisted and incestuous way to the 17th century wars of religion, underpinned by a conflict of interests. Socio-eonomic interests – the old tug of war between haves and have-nots as always. This will not be eliminated tomorrow morning and for those of us who may seek to nevertheless move in that direction it’s incumbent to assess the lessons of the past before deciding which way that is. And in the meantime to ‘first do no harm’. This is what I mean by switching to ethics.

The rent-a-crowd mob’d say that I was advocating apathy in the face of the Capitalist Machine they hold responsible for everything from racism to prostitution. But their one contribution to political history is compiling data on progressively minded citizens (sign the petition!). Anarchists have succeeded only in enabling the government to turn major cities into jail when a Confab of the Masters of the Universe is coming to town. The real forces for change are underground and quiet. They exercise power but do not draw attention to it. And they do so as sovereign individuals. Much more powerful than the Moo Bah-Bah Crowd.




  1. John H. May 27, 2011 at 5:48 am #

    Good stuff Adrien, shared on Facebook.

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