6 Apr

1. Sliced Baby Panda Killed Fresh And Traditionally Prepared At Your Table

2. California Liposuction Stew, Imported Fresh Monthly From Palm Springs, Nevada

3. Porn Star Vichyssoise With Pine Nuts and Sea Salt (Trust us, you don’t want to know); Delicious 🙂

4. Glacée Blackberrie with Sourbet le Rat

5. Broiled Human Testicles Choice Cuts From The Fresh Eunuchs of the Royal House Al Khalifa

6. Harp Seal Veal, Woodfire Seared and Hammer-killed. Fresh Daily.

7. Spare Organ Pâté Garnished With Petroleum Rinds And Blue-Green Algae Fries

8. Complimentary Latte Fresh Ground From Beans Hand-Picked Out of the Dung Of Wild Ferocious Dogs in Borneo

All Items…………………………..$0.00



2 Responses to “MENU”

  1. roguevert May 23, 2011 at 12:31 pm #

    I like this. Reminds me of certain of JG Ballard’s stories that are composed of e.g. a list or a letter or a fragment of a report left behind on an abandoned space station — like this, a kind of time capsule/zeitgeist capture… Is there a name for this genre?

  2. AC Stewart May 24, 2011 at 5:05 am #

    Is there a name for this genre?

    It’s not really a genre just a riff. You get some kind of list and make it absurd. Ballard did this yeah. Also Monty Python.

    Glad you like it.

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