6 Mar

The Romans had an intuitive sense if not a rational understanding of the origin of commonwealths in these eternal principles of fiefs. This is shown by the formula they had for laying claim to a piece of land, which has come down to us as follows: Aio hunc fundum meum esse ex iure quiritium (I declare this piece of land to be mine by the law of the Quirites). By this formula they bought the civil action of vindication into bear on the ownership of the land, an ownership depending on the state and proceeding from the, so to speak, central power by which every Roman citizen is the recognized master of estate and owns it pro indiviso and for that reason called ownership ex iure quiritium “by the law of the Quirites who, as shown by a thousand proofs already adduced or to be adduced, were originally the Romans armed with spears in public assembly…

Giambattista Vico (1668 – 1744)
The New Science, 1744
# 603


Francesco Solimena (1657-1747)


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  1. frank.lovece@vu.edu.au March 11, 2011 at 11:41 am #

    mnot one for public conversation.
    chat w/you at the library about GB commodius vicus
    over lunch

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