15 Feb


Once upon a time when I was a trainee bot in one the many colleges of propaganda for the technocratic corporatocracy we used to label those guys who travel around places like Ghana giving the schpiel about the meanings of various local goings-on The Wandering Western Viewpoint.

It’s interesting the extent to which the western viewpoint wanders. The way we map our own private little squabbles over this world’s true struggles is the most peculiar egotism. Over at Catallaxy this plays out among the factions of the Right: The Realists who say Democracy can’t be exported by force and the Neoconservatives who, obviously, think it can.

I say who cares. The socialists, the liberals; the Obamas and the Cheneys and the Gillards and all their hordes of chattering heads have absolutely nothing to do with this.

Tonight will be the first night where I go to bed and don’t have to worry about state security hunting me down, or about government goons sent to kidnap me; or about government sponsored hackers attacking my website. Tonight, for the first time ever, I feel free…and it is awesome!

And that’s all folks.


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