15 Dec


I haven’t read the ‘news’papers regularly all year. Nietzsche writes somewhere that the modern existential condition is of an animal whose horizons have been expanded beyond their comprehension. This makes us unhappy. So I guess, insofar as these rags broaden my horizons, I must be happy.

I have dipped in once or twice lately and, lo an behold, Andrew Bolt is now plugging nuclear power!! Regularly. I add the exclamations marks because he does so in the name of global warming policy. This he still puts in inverted commas so as to let us know it’s not because he believes in all that greenie guff!

Now he’s never been against nuclear power per se, and he’s always been against the global warming hypothesis. He has been instrumental in casting doubt in this country about the validity of the AGW theory. Yet these days he’s spruiking nuclear energy every chance he gets as a way of solving the energy crisis that our cooking of the planet precipitates. He’s now siding with ‘mainstream’ (ie non-Greens) people who believe we must ‘do something’ and nuclear power is the way to go.

So why has he switched? Is it because:

1. He has altered his views viz the AGW hypothesis and decided that we must adopt carbon restraint measures to be good global citzens?

2. He’s forgotten that there’s not enough people in Australia to make much of an AGW difference and so it doesn’t matter what we use to power our X-Boxes with, we’re fucked anyway ’cause China and America are gonna cook the planet whether we like it or not?

3. He’s received a memo from the desk of Baron Von Rupert the 1st Emperor of the Western Mind and told to pull his head out of the sand but to keep bashing the Greens on a regular basis? Baron Von Rupert has done this ’cause his new wife’s good mates with Bono’s wife, everyone’s using Body Shop shampoo.

4. News Ltd changes policy from time to time and this is a manifestation of such a considered move, you wouldn’t be interested; please turn to Page Three for Exclusive Editorial and Pix on the BRAD PITT EVIL DAD SHOCK: Ange and Jen in Hot Lesbian Resort!!! Steamy Pix Online!

5. It’s a Rosicrucian plot designed to distract us from the fact that the Earth is flat.

6. It’s a Jewish plot?

7. It’s a Welsh plot?

8. He’s become a CO2 bedwetter and made an outrageous capitulation to Worldwide Watermelon Communism? Shame Bolt Shame.

9. The resources companies whose stock in trade drive this country’s economy have come to realize the inevitability of global warming, the consequences for them and, understanding that they can still make a buck selling nuclear power, are determined to head off any other alternative at the pass? Everyone else directly plugged in to this reality complies.


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