13 Dec


“Cancelled Sketch of Pauline McCarthy”, 1945
Joy Hester (1920-1960)

Fall brings brown leaves
Brown matches how shitty I feel-
Love didn’t work

From: The Dream Words, s’all you need to say, innit?

This guy’s from San Francisco. Frisco?

No it’s San Francisco.

Who gives a fuck?

Well it teaches you to say something that’s more n’ one syllable long doesn’t it. Like my addlepated rifling the grammatical riffs of c.1600; all those apostrophes. It’s a different way to be lazy.

Shortening stuff. Jennifer Lopez = J.Lo yo. Gerard become Gez. Then Gezza so then it’s Gez-aaahhhRRRGGG mate! on a Saturday night wi’ da ‘ boiz. All the kids use the African-American patois. Goes down well locally, we like shortening things down here.

It’s the Australian, sorry, ‘Strayan, way.


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