20 Nov

I believe in God, might surprise some. I confess it freely without guilty conscience. There was an experience and I felt God touch me, nothing major, the scientists would boil it down to ‘awe’ perhaps. Awe it was, but was that all that it was? In the material world I cannot prove otherwise; you may dismiss this… feeling, but it’s precious to me.


When I felt the touch of God I had no need then of God. I was not unhappy, I had a firm direction in the general direction of fulfillment, thought so anyway. The farthest thing from my mind was that unhappy creature droned and burred about by the old men in the sackcloth period outfits c. 1242. The God of these men is a harsh judge, he knows you’re bad. But the night God touched me I felt no stern judgments or crying shame. And I didn’t become a devote attendee of Temple; sometimes I go into a Church to pray, to be in a quiet space reserved for Communion with the Infinite. (A mountain is better, a deserted beach or lost on highway) But I never take communion or confess my ‘sins’. The laws of God are no longer administrated by Holy Mother Church or her rebellious children.

The Age of the Prophets is over. No more prophets for us. We have grown too far to heed prophets unless willfully small-minded and then we get the False Prophets we deserve: the guy that rails against promiscuity and sin in LA and’s found bloated in a motel room with a XXX Hooker, tattoos and breasts like artillery guns.


My theological contemplations are infantile, I won’t elucidate. I just feel… okay? That’s not to mean I will choose Scripture over Science. For me Homer is scripture, Shakespeare and Blake. And The Book of Job, The Gospel According To Saint Matthew. I haven’t read it much but I’d be surprised if the Qu’ran turned out to be a total L Ron Hubbard sham. Most things I’ve heard Buddhists say make the most sense. And of course there’s the Stoics, my creed that wisely adopts an agnostic disposition and leaves it to individuals to feel God or otherwise.


This feeling in no way gives me any especial authority whatsoever.

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