21 Oct

It started with the students. It always starts with the bloody students.


A few thousand of ’em. Spontaneously the crowd grows like a virus in a petris dish. Like mould on wet clothes. It’s not mould tho’, it’s talking monkeys, thinking monkeys (some of ’em). And these monkeys are very, very pissed off. In the Budapest city park an enormous statue in bronze of a foreign god-king. So these few thousand students grew into a few tens of thousands and they marched over to the statue of Joseph Stalin, tore it down and beheaded it.


The next day the students broadcast their manifesto and another large crowd gathered again. The political police, they have political police in Marxist-Leninist dictatorships, tried to scare them with guns. The crowd took the guns!


This was not a revolution with a programme. What emerged was “the same organization which for more than a hundred years now has emerged whenever the people have been permitted for a few days, or a few weeks or months, to follow their own political devices without a government (or a party program) imposed from above.”

This was not the revolution led by a vanguard who would drag the masses into the future by decree. There was a lousy foreign government which made life a compulsory collective iron lung. So they gave it the boot and councils formed to keep order. These were democracies in which the choice of the voter “was not prompted by a program or a platform or an ideology” but solely by one’s estimation of the candidate. They were people you knew.

It’s been tried before. It’s been tried since. And it always works, until…



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