15 Oct

…is music? The manipulation of the frequencies of sound wave to achieve pitch; the use of the instinctive sense of time. Time. Time was… time will be.

Mixed with poetry, music can tell you the truth, the whole truth and more besides the truth. Music can gift you the lies you need to get thru the day. Most often: the lie that tells you love is returned by s/he that inspires it in you.  Also the lie that tell you you’re one of the lucky few whose life is not meaningless, mundane, brutal or even horrific. We in the modern world do not see brutal or horrific very often. You have to be unlucky. “Ahead of me ran Jackson, who took a bullet to the chest” unlucky. First thing Monday morning face-to-face with a post-modern Viking flogging a woman, unlucky.

Lucky, unlucky. Music inspires you to keep going.

Think of it? Four centuries of hard/nothing life; speaking your master’s tongue. Worshiping your master’s gods but singing your music so you can just keep going: the species, the family, the clan, the race, the horde, the tribe, the nation. It’s very strong in us – identity thru the group and always expressed in music. If there’s no music there’s no true group.

Listen to a people’s music and you will know if they’re happy or unhappy. Ready for war, making mad love or totally lost the plot. There’s an ironic counter-point sometimes:

To The Gaels of Ireland
The Men that God made mad
For all their wars are merry
And all their songs are sad

And now, in the age of digital reproduction, it’s anyone’s who wants it. In fact it’s everywhere:

We just don’t hear it ’cause we’ve heard it too often. And also apologies to anyone who hates the Bee Gees.


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