6 Oct


I can sit here in Melbourne, Australia and listen to the police scanner in San Francisco, Bartok Radio live from Hungary, Samurai.Fm Tokyo or Mix 94.5 classic FM in Perth. It’s 8am there and they’re crossing live to Delhi but first some corporate rock schlock with all the spirit and spontaneity of a Big Meal Deal 3.30, Saturday morning. That lasts about thirty seconds. Now it’s Jimmy Buffett’s Radio Margarettville from Louisiana. That’s the stuff. No programmed playlists, no crossing live somewhere. No songs that originate in a boardroom, recorded by people with a closet full of black turtleneck sweaters whose lives revolve around such existential dilemmas as: Sautéed Bronzino with Manila Clams at Mario Batali’s. Still a good look for lunch?

Europe is colonized by America, America is colonized by itself. For something different tune in to Radio Happy Hour 106.5 in Beijing. El Fonfografo 790 from Mexico City. Radio Horytna in Cairo. DeathMetal FM from everywhere. Cuba’s only got two stations. Try Radio Progreso, the other one’s just yakety yak. Embargoes and dictatorship haven’t prevented hip-hop from reaching that island. I have no idea what they’re saying. So?

At modulation frequency 94.5 in Louisiana listen to KRUF, the Big Dog Top 40. Eat at Hanks. In Greece, the same place on the dial gets you Radio Eprius, local music. Chat live. Turn it down a little in Tenerife, Spain and you get QFM 94.3: Blues and Jazz. Get the video-clip, get the album cover. Radio’s not dead, these days it comes with screens:



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