5 Oct

In public office? A high profile position in the private sector? Sensitive diplomatic circles? A concern that shall remain nameless for security reasons? If you have a problem take a meeting with somebody who’ll take a meeting with someone at Blackwater USA. Sorry, please excuse me – Blackwater Worldwide.

Blackwater ops

They have the skills, the expertise, the connects. And they’re entirely a private enterprise. Cut down on pesky public scrutiny. Their real name is pronounced Zee. But it’s spelt Xe. Xe Services. Their online application is secure. But you can get to it. Google them, they want to know you. They want to know you if you’re Air Force PJ qualified for the M-16 series rifles, AT-4, M-249. Are you an Intelligence Specialist, a Physical Security Professional, a Sniper, a Plumber? At least one must be checked.

Please check all the law enforcement and/or federal experience you have had (at least one must be checked). Do you have prior Military Service? Have you had a Special Operations Community experience? What clearance do you currently hold: Secret, Top Secret, Top Secret SCI? DOE Q?


Blackwater’s founders subscribe to American Christianity. The American military has found God and it’s in earnest. They truly believe. It’s the time for fulfilment of prophecy. The Faithful feel a call to arms and all agree there is no God but God…


Slight argument ’bout the prophets.


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