1 Oct


From Matt Deegan, check him out

The internet is sooooo cool man. Dig it. I’m plugged into Barcelona, live. It’s iCatlive, jazz supposedly. Well it ain’t jazz but it’s music, eclectic stuff. Right now: 50s rock n’ roll, before something Catalan that swung, before that contemporary country-rock. I’m not enthusiastic about the genre but whatever it was, it was fine. I’m bopping in my chair: Go, go-go-go. Jim Daddy!

Before that I was plugged into the FM Cheese, Houston, Texas. Mexican-American accents homogenized to Middle America’s tastes: smooth and bland with just a hint of Iberian lilt. I tried to get Iowa but no. Tried to 4ZZZ in Brizvegas, no. I remember my dad had a shortwave radio, he’d pick up the BBC in north-west Pakistan. The series of electronic bleeps announcing the BBC News is one of my core sounds. I wonder. Do they still use it? During monsoon season the radio conked out, I remember the hiss and whine of radio waves scrambled by furious nature. This wouldn’t happen now. No storm’s wild enough to destroy the ocean floor cables that beam me over to Barcelona.

Now they’re playing something I know: “Tom’s Diner” remixed by DNA. I’m not wild about Vega but I like this song and there’s some strange new comfort to be had in sharing the soft hip hop bop with people who live on the edge of the Mediterranean on the other side of the Earth. What time is it there?

Now Lily Allen? I’ve been listening half an hour and they’ve played two songs in Catalan? What gives? What about they’re own culture. Lily Allen? I reckon she’s… okay. The verses to “The Fear” were great but I guess when it came time for a chorus, well, the club was open and the cool DJs were on in a minute.

Ah Spanish again. Sounds like American Spanish. Mexico maybe but not Catalan. I’m beginning to tell the difference. Catalan is… well I’m not good enough to put it into words, I just got started. Now some Neo-Punk from America again. Arrrgggh. Don’t get me wrong. It’s good stuff. Better than the average Aussie playlist but really? I don’t know how many radio stations there are in Barcelona but the internet’s cheap. If ZZZ can afford to broadcast online anyone can. Almost anyone can. If you live in the modern world that is. A hundred million broadcasters available everywhere all the time. All this monkey chatter, but all the music.

I want to get into Barcelona’s underground. I want to find Barcelona’s Triple Z. I don’t care what they play: something local, international, traditional, electronic: hiphoprocktechnocountrysoul. None of the above? (I hope.) But I give’s not a shite laddie. I just want it. I’ve a feeling whatever it is, it’ll be good.


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