13 Sep

I’m sitting here in one of those places with rows of old computers connected to the web. Wires everywhere; crammed in between two ugly men. One of ’em’s sick. The other looks like he will be any day now.

The sick one’s listening to Jesus’ sermons and I can hear his breath, the soft-harsh wheezing of haunted sleep. Jesus sermons? Which Jesus? Jesus’ actual words or the words of the man that wrote His story down after He was gone? I put in my earphones, click the music and the wheezing’s gone. The ugly men melt away. Are they ugly people behind their faces? I don’t know. I won’t consider it I have other things on my mind.

I don’t have a laptop or phone anymore. No portable music, no video games or onscreen maps telling me where I am. Don’t need ’em. But soon I will (and not really looking forward to it). How much time do we spend relating to one another (or not) thru the prism of something electronic? Machines so few of us understand. What magic in this set of tools: a screen, a keyboard, a set of earphones. The magic coming, as always, from those who best master mathematics.

Collins St Brack

(From: The Nolan Edition, check it out)

Monday morning. A picture of everything sick in our culture. Sardine trams. Collin St. crammed with faces too round, too flabby, too meterosexual for Bracks to paint. But blank masks still the same. Monday morning, we do what we’re told. Grudgingly. This morning some uptight Toorak rich-bitch cliché heading into an underground parking lot cut an office worker off with her brand new Audi Q5. “Fuck you” yells the officebot. But it’s a reflex action. He’s not even really upset.

Most people can hack Monday morning fine. Most people feel working by themselves to be intolerably lonely. Work is a social thing for monkeys. But certain apes are interested in things most others are not, like mathematics. And they must spend time alone and in like company in order to better understand it. If the group will allow the individual this space everyone benefits, another way to divide labour.

The rarer the labour the more valuable. Numbers again. You don’t need to know numbers to succeed just something most people can’t do or don’t have. People have prospered with nothing better than a great arse. I’m one of those people who don’t have to do Mondays. So what do I have that makes me so rare?

I really don’t like Mondays. And I have a choice, so I don’t do ’em. That’s pretty much it.

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