2 Sep

Technically the Federation is headless. There is no clear authority. The Greens have formed an alliance with the Labor Party. Various independents will decide who will govern.

I’ll keep this short. I think – given the recklessly spendthrift tendencies of the ALP, given its internal disunity, given the rookie factor of the Greens – it’s probably best if the government is not returned.

My fear is that the climate change policy that will obtain will be a very bad one which will discredit such policy and alienate the electorate. In Opposition the Greens and the ALP may be able to spend time developing a policy that actually works.

The Coalition will do their best to shelve any policy. And, if compelled to deploy one, will water it down to meaninglessness. With a hostile Senate, a frayed and worn agenda and various small-time vested interests punching way above their weight the Coalition will have a hard time functioning.

The ALP/Greens, if they can keep from stuffing up, can use Opposition to develop a more coherent policy agenda free from the will to grand heroics and peristent fiscal myopia that characterized Rudd’s reign. If they can get over the idea that taxes and government bureaucracies are not the means to fix everything they may even develop a good climate change policy.

Maybe. Ain’t gonna bet the farm on’t.

If they get in, there will be an agenda of change distorted by the four way pull of the independants and the need to please the Greens freshly drunk on increased power. If the Coalition reigns, we will have a lucklustre and confused government that will run aground on the various demands from various right-wing fringes. The latter will do the least harm.

Interesting that the will to power chokes the ability to reason. My opinion has the significance of a fart in the wind but if I’m right whoever forms government drinks from a poison chalice. Perhaps I’m wrong but I see no evidence that anyone whose opinion matters is even considering it.

Let’s see.


One Response to “THE POISON CHALICE”

  1. roguevert May 30, 2011 at 7:00 pm #

    I think you were correct.

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