24 Aug

Some days flow, some days go, some days you wish gone before they even start. Some days you fear. Some linger in the future filling each day with delight and always leaving you wistfully disappointed when they’ve finally been and gone.

Some days are like today. Today is for pushing shit uphill. The wind was at my back yesterday. Today I have to row and my energy is low. I’m pushing shit uphill.

There are tasks; there’s the humdrum part of the job if I can remember the items. I should plan for pushing shit uphill days but I can’t foresee them. There are days when all the lights are green. There are days of red ones continual. There are days when the car won’t start.

This is a day with a donkey cart. The only thing that can be done with it is to do something with it. To do is to be. Do be doo-bee. Do.

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